MCCA Premium Rose from $145 to $175.00 for 2012-2013

The Premium paid to the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA) by insurance companies will be raised from $145 per vehicle to $175 per vehicle effective July 1st, 2012 to June 30, 2013. This is a 21% increase of $30 per vehicle.

A large chunk of Michigan driver’s auto insurance policy goes towards the MCCA fee and most Michigan drivers don’t know why. Michigan medical coverage is unlimited for someone injured in an automobile or motorcycle accident. No cap, endless medical coverage regardless of the expense. People that are severely injured are covered from rehab to home care and outfitting their home with handicap accessibility. The costs can be astronomical especially if someone experiences irreparable damage at a young age. All medical claims are paid through your own auto insurance policy. Car insurance carriers are responsible for the first $500,000 in medical expenses. The MCCA pays anything above and beyond the $500,000 threshold.

It is important to know that Michigan has the best medical coverage in the U.S. when it comes to automobile accidents. We know it is just as important for our clients to be informed about changes in their insurance policies and to contact us with any questions Contact Us.

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