Michigan Winter Insurance Claims and Coverage

Michigan Winter Insurance With the heavy snowfall and high winds you never know what damage the blizzard winter weather could do to your property.

When your home is in weather such like our Michigan winter weather you want to confirm what your homeowners insurance covers in the event something was to happen through the winter weather. Homeowners insurance policies can cover;

  • Direct damage from falling trees
  • Damage from wind
  • Damage from frozen pipes
  • Damage from the weight of ice and snow
  • Damage from leaks of melted snow

*This list is a generalized coverage list, coverage is subject to the limits and provisions of your policy, please contact US for homeowners insurance coverage details*

Don’t let a slip and fall on your property be an insurance claim you have to make this winter. This is something many people do not think about or realize could be claimed on their homeowners insurance in the areas of Detroit, Redford, Farmington and all over Michigan. There are many things you can do to keep your home maintained through our Michigan winter weather to help lessen any accidents or damage your home may encounter;

  • Shovel, snow blow and lay salt near your driveway and walkways
  • Clear out rain gutters
  • Cut tree branches away from your home
  • Repair roof leaks
  • Learn how to shut off water valves in the event a pipe bursts

Pipes freezing and bursting in the winter is a common and frequent homeowners insurance claim in the winter. Knowing where and how to turn off your water valves can prevent a lot of water damage in the event a pipe was to burst. Don’t forget about using portable space heaters and furnaces on high blast this season, these winter months ahead January, February and March are still the highest months for home fires. Make sure your home is insured properly this winter.

GBK is located in Redford Michigan, servicing all of Southeast Michigan contact GBK to discuss homeowners insurance coverage, replacement coverage and repair cost we can help you with it all. We also combine home and auto insurance saving households money throughout the year.  Click here for a free homeowners quote or contact us on combing your insurance coverage.

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