Properly Insuring Your Home Business

Do you have a home based business? Is your place of business properly insured? Did you know that 60% of home based businesses are not properly insured?

Why does your in-home  business need insurance?

You may want to consider business insurance for you in-home business because home-business-insurancehomeowner’s insurance may only cover very little to none of your claim for your business. If the product or service from your business hurts someone, you  may be forced to pay out of pocket for any damages.

Ways to get business insurance for your homeowners or renter’s insurance policy

Add a Business Owner’s Policy

Businesses that require more than $10,000 in coverage should consider purchasing a Business owner’s policy.  This policy is typically for small to mid-size businesses. Business owner’s policies may cover damage or loss of equipment, loss of income, loss of records, and professional liability or malpractice claims. GBK Insurance can provide you with a business insurance quote.

Add an in-home business policy

For smaller in-home businesses that need more coverage, you should consider getting a in-home business policy that can cover as much as $10,000 in losses. This can cover the loss of important documents or theft.

Add a rider to your rental insurance or homeowner’s policy

Adding a rider to your insurance for your business is the most inexpensive way to go. A rider expands the homeowner’s or rental policy to cover the business. Adding a rider generally will add additional coverage. You can get a homeowner’s quote here for a rider.

GBK  Insurance has been providing business insurance to a wide variety of businesses for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on providing a great customer service experience to help business owners get the best policy for their business. Contact us to begin your business insurance journey today.

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