Michigan Auto Insurance is different

Are you new to Michigan? Maybe you have just relocated from another state and are now planning to change your license and car insurance. Michigan insurance is different than most states and your auto insurance policy will need to be changed accordingly.  At GBK insurance, we specialize in helping our customers make the necessary adjustments to their auto or home insurance policies.

Typically, customers do not expect their insurances rate to change as Michigan Road No  Fault Insurancemuch as it does. They quickly discover that their Michigan insurance rate is slightly higher than where they lived previously. In our tri-county area, we have the highest rates for auto insurance but we also have exceptional personal injury protection coverage compared to the rest of the United States. Michigan offers unlimited medical coverage if you are injured in an auto accident for your entire life. Since Michigan is a no-fault insurance state, damages are only paid from your insurance for a vehicle with comprehensive and collision coverage subject to applicable deductibles. This eliminates the hassle of filing claims with the other insurance companies.

GBK insurance can help you get adjusted to Michigan insurance guidelines for auto, life or home insurance. We can offer quick no hassle auto insurance quotes for your insurance needs. Contact us now for Michigan auto insurance!

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