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Properly Insuring Your Home Business

Do you have a home based business? Is your place of business properly insured? Did you know that 60% of home based businesses are not properly insured? Why does your in-home  business need insurance? You may want to consider business … Continue reading

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Common Summer Insurance Claims

Have you ever had something happen during the summer time and you were not sure if you wanted to make a claim for it or not? Whether you simply just aren’t sure who is at fault, or you don’t think a … Continue reading

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Term or Whole Life Insurance

Considering the possibility of suffering a debilitating injury or an untimely death is obviously something we never want to think about. But in the event that something unfortunate does happen to you, don’t you want to make sure your mortgage … Continue reading

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Michigan Winter Insurance Claims and Coverage

With the heavy snowfall and high winds you never know what damage the blizzard winter weather could do to your property. When your home is in weather such like our Michigan winter weather you want to confirm what your homeowners insurance … Continue reading

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Tis’ the Season for Fires. Are you protected?

We know that some people do not want to pay month after month for something they cannot see. Homeowners my not like shelling out the money for homeowners insurance but in the unforeseen event of a disaster happening it will … Continue reading

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